is a Company that embraces the hand crafting jewel tradition Made in Torre del Greco and aims to export it globally.
Since 1400 Torre del Greco achieved prosperity thanks to the sourcing and processing of Coral. Starting from 1800 many artisans started to work on jewels and to export Coral Jewels abroad, creating companies many of whom still exist. This is the time when Torre del Greco became the home of Coral so much that was nicknamed Coral Town.
Coral love sells handmade only jewels, crafted by hand during every production step, from the primitive state to the final product, by expert artisans.
Our jewels are traditional but show a modern design, all of the materials are high quality and our prices are not out of reach for anyone.
Most of all everything is Made in Italy.
From Coral Town to your house, this is Corallove.

Corallove aims to export globally arts and culture empowering the craft of jewels made in Torre del Greco. We don’t try to sell you just a product but a bunch of people that form something bigger than single object. It’s a culture, it’s the history of the art that lives in Torre del Greco.

We try to empower people to discover an entire culture. This is why Corallove offers only great jewels designed by expert artisans who also take care of the production process. This is why every Corallove jewels is impregnated with culture, people, artistry,history.